Zircon Dawnshire

A Komodon who travels across Astragarh in search of knowledge and the secrets of the world.


Zircon appears to be a green-scaled Komodon. He wields a staff on his back and a satchel for books, pens, and papers across his shoulder. His attire is a elegant black cloak with mithryl chain armor covering his body and specs across his eyes for him to see.


Zircon Dawnshire is a famous Komodian scholar in Astragarh. He has traveled across the world several times in search of answers to the world of Astragarh. As he travels across the world, he will note down his findings and create a encyclopedia of what he has discovered and share it amongst the people of the world.

So far the first edition of his encyclopedia is currently available as he is currently working on the second edition during his travels

Zircon Dawnshire

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