Larona Riaeth

Owner of the Guild Square establishment in Haven City on the Barren Wastes continent.


Larona appears to be a 6’00”ft Komodon. She wears a leather vest, two fingerless gloves, short pants and a dagger to her side.


Larona Riaeth is the manager and owner of organization known as ‘Guild Square’ in Haven City. Guild Square is a business that houses adventurers who wish to team-up and create ‘guilds’ while traversing in the labyrinth known as Labyrinth él Antiquitas on the Barren Wastes continent.

Her organization is well known and very famous for its hospitality, and a great forum for adventurers to meet-up and trade their stories in Astragarh. Guild Square currently is housing over 100 guilds and they’re now currently building a new section to hold even more guilds and adventurers.

Larona Riaeth

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