Ciel Eliana

A traveling bard that is currently looking for inspiration for a new song.


Ciel is a beautiful female human who has long red-flaxen hair and carries a Ukelele across her back. She wears a light yellow jacket with a black shirt and white skirt with flower patterns etched all around it. She also carries a short sword on her side and wears traveling sandals.


Ciel Eliana was born from a family of bards who originally hailed in the Gri’gana continent in the vast Li’terra plains. This family of bards are famous for their songs and stories of grand adventurers of the world.

Ciel is currently traveling across Astragarh in search of inspiration about a new song that involves the ancients. While she may be a traveling bard, she can easily hold her own against the monsters in Astragarh.

Ciel Eliana

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