“In my travels, I have never seen a world as beautiful and mysterious as this one.”
-Zircon Dawnshire

Wabook open ~Chronicles of Astragarh: Encyclopedia of the World
Written by Zircon Dawnshire

Ages ago the world of Astragarh was like our own, a world filled with technology, people, and the every day troubles of life. But during one day, a meteorite impacted the planet and will forever change it. The old world was destroyed and 1500 years later, a new world has emerged from its wake; a world of fantasy, adventure, and discovery.

The old world is now nothing more than ancient history, lost in the ocean of time. But the people of the new world are finding relics of the past and now wonder, who were these people and what happened to them? Many forgotten stories are waiting to be discovered, to be told to the people of this fantastic new world. So tell me young adventurer, what will you do when the dawn rises in the new world and most importantly, what will you discover?

Chronicles of Astragarh: Dawn of the New World is a D&D 4e adventure set in a world inspired by the old cartoon series: Thundarr the Barbarian.

Theme song: Dawn Over a New World -Dragonforce

Updates: 11/7/10: Finished the Gensai race page.
Updates: 6/5/10: Added the npc Ciel Eliana.
Updates: 5/29/10: Finished the Half-Elf race page.
Updates: 5/24/10: Finished the Elven race page.

Chronicles of Astragarh: Dawn of the New World

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